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High Purity Quartz in Brazil

Postado em 10 dez 2014

High purity quartz has been gaining a lot of attention in the last few years. This type of high purity silica is the main raw material for silica glass, a type of glass used in silicon processing and transparent UV-lamp bulbs. As the demand for solar energy increases, so increases the demand for high purity quartz. The main issue about high purity quartz is that it is quite rare in nature. There are many quartz deposits, but only a few can present contamination levels lower than 0,003%. This makes this kind of industrial mineral very expensive, and hard to obtain. Now a days, only two or three big companies in the US and Europe can produce a reliable source of high purity quartz, and the prices are quite expensive, forcing consuming industries to look for alternative suppliers. Brazil is a country that is known by its large quartz reserves. During the 1970’s it was the major exporter of high purity quartz, but lost its position due to sudden increase in the ore prices driven by its government. The country is now being rediscovered by the consuming industries as an alternative source. During the last years, our company, working with the University of Campinas, has evaluated many possible deposits. There are many alternatives of raw material being as pure as the commercial sources available. There are also good quality ore with competitive prices. The best alternatives have their specs available in our site. If you are looking for high purity quartz, either as a mining company interested in discover Brazilian sources or as a possible consumer, do not hesitate to contact...

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