Beneficiamento de Minérios Rio Claro


BMRC offers several products, being quartz powder the main one (which is grinded quartz in several particle sizes). We also commercialise quartz sand, lascas and diopside powder for industrial aplications.  lascas de quartzo e pó de diopsídio. Recently, it has being offered quartz gravel for gardens decoration.

All of our products are obtained through intense partnership with our suppliers in order to achieve high quality and homogeinity.

Quartz Powder

– Available in particle sizes from 40 to 600 mesh (tyler scale);

– Low iron content (See chemical analysis);

– Obtained through dry ball milling;

– Suitable both technically and economically for traditional ceramics making, pigment industry and in construction;

Quartz sand

– Available in 40/70 mesh;

– Low iron content;

– Sphericity about 0,8;

– Suitable for hydraulic drilling, filters, water treatment and also construction.

Silica Sand (Higher Grade)

– Special for high quality glass fusion, including silica glassware;

– Very low Al and Fe content (See chemical analysis);

– Particle size distribution between 80 and 200 mesh, proper to be flame fused.

Diopside powder

– Available in particle sizes from 40 to 600 mesh (tyler scale);

– Mineral with high Ca and Mg content (see chemical analysis);

– Suitable for ceramic industry;

– Obtained through dry ball milling.

Quartz gravel for garden decoration

– Suitable for garden shopkeepers;

– Blending of white and brown stones in order to avoid color change by dirty;

– Available in 5 kg, 30 kg and 40 kg packing;

– Available in two different sizes;

– For further information, check our special site for this product or e-mail us to

High purity quartz lascas

– Available transparent or opaque;

– Maximum Al inpurity content of 40 ppm, maximum Fe impurity content of 10 ppm;

– Available only through inquiry (on medium scale);

– Suitable for synthetic quartz and silica glass manufacturing.


All our products can be sent Brazilwide and exported.

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