Beneficiamento de Minérios Rio Claro


Crushing and Milling

Our company has a long experience in both the processes of crushing and milling non metallic minerals. We are able to develop processes to crush and mill for several minerals destined to applications in several types of industry.

Starting material can be processesd from stones or sands, reaching final particle sizes of 100 mesh (150 microns) to 500 mesh (25 microns).

Ball mills –

Non metallic milling

Our milling and aero-classifying lines are fully adapted to reduce final contaminations over the processed mineral. The whole process is water-free, reducing costs and being more environmentally friendly. Our staff high qualification and know-how, as well as lean manufacturing processes enables us to achieve better productivity rates, quality and costs. Examples of minerals frequently mill:

– Zirconium sands

– Ceramic frits

– Sodium feldspars

– Potassium feldspars

– Lithium feldspars

– Fiberglass residues

– Rocky quartz

Jaws crusher –

Non metallic crushing

We work with a jaw crusher line adapted to avoid metallic contaminations.

Examples of materials frequently crushed are:

– Different types of glasses

– Diopside ore

– Rocky quartz

– Sanitary ware

– Talc


Many clients come to us to evaluate the possibility for them to reuse some of their residues. The steps involved in recycling those residues usually include crushing and milling, as well as commercialization of the final powders. Here are some examples of projects developed by us:

– Crushing and milling of owen compnonents to reuse the aluminium oxide in ceramic tiles manufacture;

– Milling of non resinated fiberglass rejects to be used in the automobilistic industry;

– Crushing and milling of used glasses to be used in ceramic pigments;

Anywhere in Brazil

Due to our constant efforts in mantaining quality and reducing costs, we are able to supply clients in many different states. The map shows those which we have active clients for our services. We can also develop projects for possible costumers abroad.